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Financial News

The Final Furlough

So, is furlough really coming to an end? It certainly seems so. In this blog post I’ll be looking at what the end of it means, for who and when it’ll happen. Also, what the likely impact will be, both on the individuals concerned and the wider economy.

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Financial Advice

Review of Personal Finance in 2020

A review of personal finance in 2020? The temptation to move swiftly on is immense. As we move from a year we’d rather forget into an uncertain 2021, I’d like to pause for reflection before we do so. It’s always important to learn, and 2020 is no different. So, here’s my review of the year, as seen through the prism of my blogs.

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Financial News

Brexit and Pensions: Act Now

I’ve heard people saying they’re going to wait and see what happens to Brexit and pension decisions are being delayed accordingly… I urge you not to compromise tomorrow’s wealth over today’s political failings. Let me show you why it’s not necessarily a bad time to invest.

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Glossary of Personal Financial Terms

AAA Rating

In short, AAA ratings (‘triple-A‘ ratings) are the highest credit rating available for an investment, such as a bond or company.

AAA ratings are issued to investment-grade debt that has a high level of creditworthiness with the strongest capacity to repay investors.

Similarly, the AA+ rating is issued by S&P (Standard and Poor) and is similar to the Aa1 rating issued by Moody’s. It comes with very low credit risk and indicates the issuer has a strong capacity to repay.